last updated May 2018
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Other Islamic Sites in Palestine

In addition to Al Masjid Al Aqsa, there are many other sites in Palestine that are of interest to Muslims. A few of these have been mentioned below:

Masjid Umar (Jerusalem)

This is the Masjid where Umar ibn Al Khattab (ra) performed salaah after the conquest of Jerusalem. Umar (ra) was invited to pray salaah inside the Church of Sepulchre but decided not to, saying “Had I prayed inside the church, the Muslims coming after me would take possession of it, saying that I had prayed in it.” The tradition states that he picked up a stone, threw it outside the Church and prayed at the spot it landed, which is now Masjid Umar. Umar (ra) gave a covenant to the non-Muslims in Jerusalem offering assurances as to their safety, and a copy of this is displayed inside the Masjid. For further information on the history of Umar (ra) in Jerusalem, please go to the Videos section of this website, where you will find one video dedicated to explaining his legacy.

Masjid Ibrahim / Masjid Khalil (Hebron)

Masjid Ibrahim is located in Hebron and contains the graves of four Prophets and their wives. The Prophets whose bodies lie in this cemetery are Ibrahim (as), Ishaq (as), Yaqoob (as) and Yusuf (as). Please note: there is a synagogue directly adjoining the Masjid. The tombs of Yaqoob (as) and Yusuf (as) are on the Jewish side.

Tomb of Rahil / Rachel (Between Bethlehem and Gilo)

This is the tomb of one of the wives of Yaqoob (as) and the mother of Yusuf (as). Please note: this site is considered the third holiest in Judaism, after the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Tombs of the Patriarchs in Hebron. Believers in Kabbalah sometimes wrap red string around the tomb and then make it into bracelets that serve as talismans.

Masjid Yunus (Halhul)

This Masjid which is built on the highest peak in the West Bank (Mount Nabi Yunus) located north of Hebron, is believed to contain the grave of Prophet Yunus (as). Please note that there is a difference of opinion as to where Yunus (as) is buried – with some believing he is buried in Mosul, Iraq.

Maqam of Prophet Musa (Approx 10km from Jericho)

Tradition holds that the famous sultan and liberator of Al Masjid Al Aqsa,  Salahuddin Ayyubi, once had a dream in which he was shown the resting place of Musa (as). This is where the Maqam of Prophet Musa (as) is located.

Bab e Lud (Lod)

Located in the city of Lod (approximately 15km from Tel Aviv), it is believed that this will be the place where Prophet Isa (as) will destroy the Dajjal.

Tomb of Prophet Lut (Located in Bani Na’im – in close proximity to the Dead Sea)

This building houses the tomb of Prophet Lut (as).

Dead Sea

This is commonly believed to be the location where the people of Lut (as) were destroyed for their acts of sodomy. Please note that one should not visit the Dead Sea for the purposes of gaining pleasure and enjoyment, as this is believed to be a place which has received the punishment of Allah.

Important note relating to all of the sites listed above: Under no circumstances should anyone pray to any tomb or shrine as this constitutes an act of shirk.

[Much of the information above has been extracted from the website: For further information on the sites listed above, please visit that website. In addition, please be aware of the following comment on the website: “Please note that some of the places featured on this site cannot be verified for certain. The knowledge of these places has been passed down through the ages and in some cases more than one location make claim to hosting the same historical place. In such instances has shown the most commonly believed site. And Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) knows best.”]